Together towards sustainable culture.

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We work between the worlds of research and the arts: weaving, translating, and transmitting ideas and discussions that lead toward more just and socio-ecologically sustainable worlds. The artistic work and research feed into each other, as we work in close cooperation with artists and research communities.

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Support and Dialogue as Ways to Expand the Imagination of Climate Justice

21/09/2023 Curator Hung-Fei Wu interviewed Punos for the ecofeminism column of Artist Magazine (Taiwan) in the summer of 2023. This is an English translation of the original text that was published in Chinese. Read More

Strengthening the skills and transformational leadership of the arts and cultural field is key to envisioning and supporting just and sustainable futures. Our lectures, workshops, and learning materials empower arts and cultural organisations and actors to respond better to ecological crises and the challenges of sustainability transformations.

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