Together towards sustainable culture

Punos conducts the transdisciplinary art and research project Whose Climate, Whose Futures? (2021–2024), and the art project Seeds for Solidarity (2023–2024). Punos also educates and supports the cultural field in responding to eco-crises.

Punos was initiated in 2020 by two curator-researchers, Anna-Kaisa Koski and Ki Nurmenniemi, who are based out of Helsinki, Finland. Together with artists, cultural workers, and research communities, Punos weaves more just and livable futures. In Punos’ work, the arts and scientific research nurture each other. Doing things together and supporting collaborative work are integral to ecologically and socially sustainable culture.

Land acknowledgment

We publicly acknowledge that the States of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia are partly founded on the lands of the Sámi people. We pay our respect and give our support to the Sámi people as the indigenous inhabitants of the Sápmi area, and we recognize their rights as indigenous people.