Indigenous Climate Futures Embassy


Indigenous Climate Futures Embassy (ICFE) is a multidisciplinary, futuristic and anti-colonial art and activism project. It is a nomad performance, installation and indigenous space creating real climate solutions and another kind of Indigenous climate futures. ICFE artistic practice consists of traditional indigenous crafts, textile art, performances, media art, artivism and land-based community art. For ICFE, indigenous rights, indigenous climate justice, indigenous knowledge and indigenous imaginaries are the most essential ways for bringing lands back, ocean back, snow back, and ice back.

ICFE is creating Indigenous Climate Solutions in three different ways in the upcoming years:

Embassy visits in Indigenous Climate Futures Embassies and collaborations with indigenous knowledge holders.

Art & activism workshops on indigenous climate futures and climate solutions in Sápmi, Denmark, England and Aotearoa in 2023.

Art work on indigenous climate solutions and climate futures. This work will be exhibited in various venues in the near future among others Land Body Ecologies festival, London and Skövde Art Museum in Sweden.

Indigenous Climate Futures Embassy collaborates with Indigenous traditional knowledge holders, indigenous artists, indigenous climate activists and indigenous communities in Sápmi, Yakutia, Kalallit Nunaat/Denmark and Aotearoa.

A person with long dark hair touching a ice.