Orodansádji – A Place To Be


A Place to Be is an anti-colonial, community-driven creative space for self-determination rooted in love. Created by Jenni Laiti, Merethe Kuhmunen and Sunna Nousuniemi, A Place to Be is where we dream our dreams and they come to life. In A Place to Be, everything we do is art and everyone is an artist. It is an artistic celebration of life and a political statement for living as a human being. In A Place to Be, diversity is a vital condition: there is no being without it. Also a meeting point for all 2SLGTBQIA+ folks, A Place to Be warmly welcomes you to gather around the campfire with coffee and tea.

Images: Lada Suomenrinne


  1. For the Next Seven Generations, a text piece by Jenni Laiti. The piece is available in Northern Sámi, Finnish and English.

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  2. 100 Ways to Say We - Orrunsadji ASMR edition by Niillasaš-Jovnna Máreha Juhani Sunná Máret (Sunna Nousuniemi) is dedicated to a future where land and all living beings are not treated as never-ending resources.

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    Illustration image of ASMR piece “100 Ways to Say We” by Sunna Nousuniemi, featuring colourful and shiny ribbons side by side in a vertical position.